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Backup and Disaster Recovery 


​​​​             IT Services Provider

​​​​We proud ourselves in supporting all businesses,  whether you sell products or services, we can run or help co-run your IT operations.

Whether your business is looking for IT Support services including Cloud Services, backup and recovery or IT office move, we can help. We provide a customer focused environment that operates on open communication, and the commitment to work within your budget. 

To prevent against unauthorized intrusion and other harmful attacks targeting your network, we provide a complete network security that protect against your assets from malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks. 

Customer Focused IT Services

Our primary objective is to implement an IT system that meets your budget. We focused on reducing your IT burden by putting in place a culture of transparency that delivers a robust IT environment for security, data integrity, and maintenance operations.  We at LAN Systems, proud ourselves in ensuring that every client becomes a partner, we take the lead in ensuring that our organization build and improve the technological infrastructure of your organization that puts you on the path of productivity.

 Are you seeking productivity and efficiency? Whether you need sharing, editing, and publishing documents among employees, we have the expertise to deploy Cloud hosting services  that meet your specific needs.

​Cloud computing helps businesses to be more efficient and save on software and hardware that are important for different operations. 

​We can help you implement cloud computing to increase your IT functionality or capacity without having to add software, personnel, invest in additional training or set up new infrastructure.

Cloud computing increases business flexibility and make it easy to add or remove  resources more quickly without a significant impact on your bottom-line. 

We've got Solutions that are affordable and predictable, and meets your bottom-line!

IT Support Services

                         Our Services   

IT Support and Services we provide includes:

  •     IT Services Provider
  •     Desktop-to-Web Application Development
  •     Cloud Services
  •     Server Virtualization
  •     Consulting and Project Management
  •     IT Staffing Support
  •     Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  •     IT Office Moves
  •     Data Center Reorganization
  •     Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cloud Solutions and Virtualization 

Systems Security

SALES: 301-363-1489 I SUPPORT: 888-484-8091

Whether you need support with desktop operations or network services, LAN Systems have experienced professionals available 24/7 ready to assist. Our highly skilled technical team along with our subject matter experts (SME) will provide the full package to ensure that your network is configured, managed, maintained and secured.

Backup gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the data you want to protect, for as long as you want to protect it. Backup is designed to be cost effective whether you’re interested in short- or long-term retention. 

                                 IT Consulting

We help organizations maximized their IT budget by partnering with them in creating a solid infrastructure that meets industry standard. 

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